10 Styles of Outdoor Signs for Your Business 

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 Selecting the correct outdoor sign will have an enormous impact on any business. The main goal with outdoor signs is to attract more customers to your business without breaking the bank. In this article are the ten most common outdoor signs companies use in our modern-day. 

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1. Pylon Sign

 Pylon signs are large, allowing them to be seen at longer distances. You can install them on the roof or some other tower-type structure on the business or mall property. They typically extend vertically upward toward the sky. You will often find the name of multiple businesses on this type of sign. This allows the advantage of effectively advertising individual companies inside the mall or shopping center regardless of their economical size. In addition to being tall, pylon-type signs are also quite visible at longer distances due to their ability to light up at night. Illuminating the name of individual businesses provides potential customers with convenient and reliable help in finding the right place.

2. Pole Sign

 The name is self-explanatory. A pole sign is an advertising sign for a business attached at the top of a vertical pole. Pole signs are usually electrically wired with the name of only one business illuminated for advertising. Their design is meant to be visible from a greater distance. Some pole signs even have an illuminated second portion with lettering that can be changed. This allows different details about the business to be displayed. This is incredibly convenient for advertising sales, price drops, or other business-related events. 

3. Monument Sign

If we are talking about 10 Styles of Outdoor Signs for Your Business, Monumental signs are one of them. Usually close to the ground. We can design them with a concrete base or other durable structures underneath. These signs can be wood, brick, concrete block, or high-density foam. It may be a combination of several different building materials. You will typically see this type of sign at the entrance of a shopping center, grocery store, restaurant, other business, park, or community location. A monument sign sometimes lists more than one occupant within a shopping center. 

4. Directional Sign

 Directional signs are typically used to guide visitors to a specific business, tenant, or area within a complex. Vehicles and pedestrians often need directional signs to assist them in finding the correct avenue or destination. Directional signs are often used for finding a parking area or entry nearby or within a shopping center. 

5. Wall Sign

 A wall sign is designed to hang near or above the main entrance of a business. Wall signs are offered in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Some of the simpler designs are a flat panel with painted lettering and a nearby spotlight for illumination at night. More advanced designs are acrylic boxes that can be turned on to light up after dark. Some wall signs have individual illuminated letters spelling the name of the business. A front-lit wall sign design shines outwardly through an acrylic printed front panel. In contrast, back-lit wall signs are illuminated from the rear to provide a glowing appearance. Wall signs can be designed and constructed to be either electrical or non-electrical.

6. Blade Sign/Projecting Sign

 A blade sign (also referred to as a projecting sign) typically protrudes from the wall of a building to which it is mounted perpendicular. This sign is beneficial for guiding pedestrians in busy, crowded business districts. Blade signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated and often have decorative-type hardware as part of the mounting apparatus. 

7. Awning Sign

 Awning signs are large and consist of a canvas or decorative metal canopy. The business name and/or emblem are typically printed in large letters. This type of sign is usually an archway or hanging structure installed over the front door or window of a business or other establishment. Awning signs also give the distinct advantage of providing a shelter for arriving or exiting customers from bad weather or direct sunlight.

8. Window Graphics

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 Vinyl window graphics attract customers as they pass by your business establishment. Window graphics give business owners a simple and effective method for advertising specific products and services. Window graphics are pretty effective in gripping the attention of potential customers near the main entrance of a business.

9. Sidewalk Sign

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 Another beneficial way of attracting customers to enter your establishment is by investing in a sidewalk sign. Sidewalk signs are portable, self-standing outdoor signs that can be easily folded and stored inside. They typically consist of a portrait-shaped wood or metal frame surrounding the advertising message. Some sidewalk signs are a whiteboard that allows the business owner to change messages as often as desired. Simply fold them up and place them inside at the end of the day. It’s that easy. Sidewalk signs are great for attracting pedestrian traffic in crowded business districts and places like shopping malls.

10. Vehicle Graphics

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 Vehicle graphics are one of the most effective business advertising methods due to their mobile nature. If you have a business vehicle, it is likely also used as some type of transport for the establishment. It is likely driven around various towns and communities, providing potential advertising in the area. This advertising takes place when out on a service call or making deliveries. Vehicle graphics offer additional advertising simply by being parked out front of your business at any time.

 You should consider Several factors when deciding which type of outdoor sign is best for your business. Location, style, size, and budget are some of the most important things to consider. Careful consideration of these details will help select the best sign to make your business successful.

10 Styles of Outdoor Signs for Your Business

Outdoor signs have several advantages over other forms of outdoor commercial advertising: they are eye-catching, they attract a huge potential audience, and they are easy to replace with new ones, if necessary.

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