Increase Business Impressions Through Vehicle Wraps

Do you want to learn how Increase Business Impressions Through Vehicle Wraps? A vehicle wrap generates between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions daily at a cost-effective price and a high ROI. Hence it’s perfect for promoting local business.

For a small and mid-size business (SMB) owner, effective advertising is typically one of the most challenging hurdles to overcome. Unfortunately, many often choose an advertising option with little thought to the correct approach to attract target customers.

Businesses tend to lean on less effective advertising forms, such as newspaper ads, billboards, and television or radio spots. In many cases, these require a considerable amount of money for SMBs, often with little return on investment (ROI). Most of the return covers the next run of advertisements instead of putting actual money in the owners’ pockets.

Enter vehicle wraps, which make a significant impact in the local business advertising world. Since their inception, the cost of materials has reduced, graphics have improved, application processes have allowed for more creative applications, and the awareness of wraps by consumers and potential customers has increased immensely.

This post explains:

  1. What is a vehicle wrap?
  2. Why vehicle wraps are effective for outdoor advertising
  3. How vehicle wraps compare to other advertising forms
  4. How to increase business impressions and get the best ROI using vehicle wraps


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What is a Vehicle Wrap?

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A vehicle wrap promotes a business by applying a plastic vinyl sheet on a vehicle’s painted surface. It is easy to remove the vinyl sheet making it a cost-efficient method compared to banner ads. What’s more, the wrap protects the vehicle’s paint from chipping, swirls, peeling, paint oxidation, and sun damage.

Vehicle wrap allows you to communicate your business vision and objectives and promote your company logo, photos, and brand. If you wish to advertise using this outdoor media, you will need to collaborate with a vehicle wrapping company to design customized graphic art for your vehicle.

Vehicle wrap changes your vehicle’s look and is cost-effective compared to a paint job. Additionally, professional installers can remove the vinyl sheet with ease without damaging your vehicle.

You can opt to wrap your vehicle partially or entirely using a vinyl sheet to promote your business and its offerings. Quality vehicle wraps last three to seven years, and installation only takes a couple of days to complete.



Who Uses Vehicle Wrap Advertising?

Any enterprise can use vehicle graphics. However, local companies generally get favorable ROI from using vehicle wrap advertising. The following businesses use vehicle wrap ads:

  • Grills, restaurants, bars, and salons
  • Service companies such as plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and vehicle service garages
  • Specialty retail shops like clothiers, pet groomers, and florists
  • Service professionals such as consultants, attorneys, or real estate firms
  • Healthcare clinics, dental practices, hospitals, and private medical practices

Additionally, you can incorporate vehicle graphics into your marketing mix with some creative thought and business understanding.



Are Vehicle Wraps Effective?

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survey revealed that the US had over 246.3 million drivers who made nearly 225 billion trips between July 2019 and June 2020. They drove almost 3 trillion miles and spent about 89 billion hours driving.

As you can see, that provides tons of opportunities for free advertising using vehicle wraps. So what is the success of vehicle wrap advertising?

You have probably seen vehicles covered in bright and glossy advertisements on several occasions. That’s because more and more businesses are turning to vehicle wraps to advertise their business successfully.

The statistics below show the effectiveness of vehicle wrap advertising:

  • Vehicle wraps garner a daily average of 30,000 to 70,000 views as per GeoPath. The number of mobile impressions depends on the distance driven plus the community’s landscape. It means large cities will achieve higher views than small towns due to the considerable population exposure
  • The average US driver logs nearly 260 miles in their car each week
  • The American Trucking Association reports that over 90% of people notice vehicle wraps, and out of those, at least 95% will remember what they saw. Additionally, an intra-city truck can garner over 16 million visual impressions annually, according to the association
  • The average vehicle wrap costs $2,500 and lasts at least five years

From the statistics above, a vehicle garnering 30,000 daily views could achieve over 54,750,000 views over its vehicle wrap lifetime.

Vehicle wrap and fleet advertising has a good ROI and has proven an effective advertising technique for several reasons, as discussed below:

  • It has a low cost per thousand impressions relative to other advertising media. Therefore, dividing the vehicle wrap cost by the number of people who see it makes you realize its cost-effectiveness.
  • It has a broader reach and flexibility than billboard advertising which is immobile and temporary
  • Vehicle wrap advertising is difficult to ignore on the road, street, or parking lot because its grabs attention. It is easy to skip TV commercials or online advertising by switching to a different channel or page, respectively
  • A wrapped vehicle with your brand’s advertisement leaves an impression on thousands of people daily. Therefore, when making a buying decision, these people are likely to convert when they come across your products or services through email, online, newspaper, TV, or radio.



How Vehicle Wraps Compare to Other Advertising Forms

When determining your advertising budget, you need to consider the return on investment. Traditional marketing avenues like billboards, newspapers, TV, and radio are viable, but it’s always best to research which advertising form has the best ROI.

Below is an outline of the comparison between vehicle advertising wraps and other forms of marketing. The outline gives a breakdown of cost per thousand impressions:


 Cost Per thousand Impressions (CPM)

  • Vehicle wraps: $0.35
  • Outdoor signage: $3.56
  • Radio ads: $7.75
  • Newspaper ads: $19.70
  • Magazine ads: $21.46
  • Television ads: $23.70

Vehicle wrap advertising hands down beats other traditional advertising forms. Moreover, it yields the highest ROI because it provides affordable advertising while reaching the most people throughout its lifetime.



How to Increase Business Impressions and Get the Best ROI Using Vehicle Wraps

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Having a well-designed vehicle wrap is not enough to achieve a high ROI and your advertising goals. You must also pay attention to the content you display and share and make the wrap memorable.

1. Always make the ad simple and easy to read from a distance because this advertising model is typically on the move. Therefore:

  • Make the numbers and letters large enough to read from a distance
  • Use a clean, simple, and easy to read font
  • Keep the messaging simple and don’t clutter valuable ad space with too much information and design elements
  • Select a color that makes it easy for target audiences to read. Use a dark background and brighter, lighter text or vice versa
  • Remember to wrap the back of your vehicle
  • Add a call to action

2. Always track your vehicle wrap’s success. For example, you can create a landing page on your website and put the new URL on your vehicle ad to monitor how many hits it receives. Additionally, you can create a new 1-800 phone number and use it solely for the vehicle wrap.

3. Apart from sharing your company’s products, services, and information, consumers also like to know what benefit they can get. Thus, entice new potential customers with special offers such as first-time discounts or gifts.

4. Solve your potential customers’ problems to win them over by making their life easier and providing convenience. For example, you can offer 24/7 service, emergency services, remote auto services, pickup and delivery, and same-day guarantees.

Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps provide an affordable and effective way for local businesses to advertise their business. Below are some more benefits:

  • Vehicle wraps are eye-catching and memorable. They grab consumers’ attention using bright colors, creative designs, strategic placement, and simple messaging.
  • They are a non-aggressive form of advertising compared to online pop-up ads, TV commercials, and social media ads. Pushy advertisement and product promotion methods such as email marketing compete to grab the attention of target customers, while vehicle wraps are a clever and gentler form of brand awareness.
  • They reach a larger audience over their lifetime
  • They are mobile and flexible
  • They are perfect for local advertising for businesses reliant on in-person customers.
  • They are cost-effective because they only require a one-off installation payment instead of advertising online, using print ads, or over the radio, where cost increases relative to the reach. The wraps also last for over five years, and replacing them is simple and problem-free.
  • One unexpected benefit of advertising using vehicle wraps is their ability to protect car paint. It acts as a barrier to road debris, rocks, and other damage to the paint.

The Bottom Line

Vehicle wraps have several advantages over other forms of commercial outdoor advertising – they are innovative, reach thousands of prospects, are affordable, and provide great ROI. In addition, by merely going wherever you drive, you advertise your business to all and sundry.

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