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Step and Repeat Banners

When you think of red carpet events, what’s the image that comes to mind? Think about it for a second. Your first immediate thought was likely a celebrity in front of a wall showcasing the event’s name, plus sponsoring brands. That wall is called a step and repeat banner, and it’s been a staple of the printing industry for many years.

Whether you’re organizing a significant event or sponsoring it, you want the name of your brand to be featured prominently. Nonetheless, you want to avoid overexposure – which is why step and repeat banners are the best options for you!

At Print Mavericks, we specialize in printed visual communication, and we have a firm grasp of how to market brands physically, the right way. Use our step and repeat banners for your events and have your community notice your brand in the best way.

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How to Use Step and Repeat Banners

There’s not much complication behind using step and repeat backgrounds. They’re large graphics repeating one logo or image, or several, in spaced increments. They’re perfect for photo ops, as they’ll showcase your brand just the way you want. Your logo or chosen image will blend into the event’s pictures, then appearing in attendees’ social media pages. As a result, you’ll get extra exposure by using a traditional banner!

As experts on the subject, we’ll help you consider every little detail, keeping in mind the type of event and banner placement. We’ll work with you to learn your needs and desires, transporting them into an unforgettable step and repeat banner.

How to Customize Step and Repeat Banners

  • Sizes and shapes are highly customizable, so don’t worry about tending to the venue’s specifics.
  • We use materials and ink of the highest quality for a long-lasting effect that withstands the elements. Vinyl is our most popular choice, but you can also plywood, fabric, canvas, and foam core.
  • You can place banners inside or outside, and they’ll remain in good shape.
  • You can choose how you want to mount your banner, whether it’s through retractable stands on the floor or by suspension with poles and grommets.

Get noticed with step and repeat banners and have your brand reach out to more people due to event photographs. Contact us to find out more!

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