The 9 Most Popular Business Signs and Where you Should Use Them

Find out what are The 9 Most Popular Business Signs with Print Mavericks in this article and discover which one is the most beneficial for your brand.

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1. Exterior Letter Signs

When presenting a business to the world, you want to ensure the letters are front and center. Outside the company, we can place them above the entrance or windows. If it is impossible to center the sign over the entrance, small lettering on the door may be helpful with the help of stickers or minor signs. We can place them on the glass panels of the door for visibility.

2. Illuminated Exterior Letter Signs

To enhance the readability of the business signs in low-light settings, LED-illuminated signs can help bring attention to the storefront. Suppose the business will be open during early morning hours or late at night. In that case, this will be an essential expense to make sure the company is noticed at all times of the day it is open. The extra cost associated with purchasing and operating an illuminated sign may be worth the additional business during dark hours.

3. Interior Welcome/Reception Signs

Within the building, it is essential to have signs that reaffirm the location and are consistent with the branding seen outside the building. Customers will be more confident in their choice if you place additional signage in the lobby or near the building entrance. Combined with decorations, lobby signs can provide the necessary affirmation a customer needs to continue.

4. Directional Signs

A directional sign may be needed to direct customers in the appropriate direction when directed to a business that may not have the clearest entrance. The sign must be near or as close to the main street as possible, whether it is symbols or words used to refer customers to the storefront. Moveable signs or renting wall space from a neighboring business are good strategies for ensuring your sign is in the most effective spot.

5. Monument Signs

As opposed to traditional signs, monument signs are typically made of heavy materials. They are incorporated into the landscaping of the building. They are often statues or plaques made from concrete or metal. We use Monument signs to exemplify your business’s prestige and power.

6. Vehicle Vinyl Stickers and Wraps

Companies that offer deliveries or mobile services can take advantage of mobile advertising by using stickers or wraps to add business details to the car. The wraps and stickers will not damage the vehicles and allow for easy and convenient advertising from normal business activities.

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7. Window Lettering and Graphics

In addition to the central business signs used over the entrance, stick-on decals for the windows can expand the advertising footprint available to you without additional permits or construction. We can readily print Vinyl stickers on demand for easy changes to advertising promotions or other deals.

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8. Sidewalk Signs

You can obtain Pedestrian traffic by utilizing sidewalk signs. These would typically be fold-out signs with advertisements or chalkboards and can be used for various purposes. They could offer promotions or direct people inside like directional signs. The ease of changing the location and the sign’s content makes it an invaluable resource for attracting pedestrian traffic.

The 9 Most Popular Business Signs - Print Mavericks

9. Event Banners

Unlike other types of signage, event banners have more limited use. Typically used for one-time or recurring events, they help make necessary changes to advertising the promotion or function. Often made from lightweight, flexible materials, you can easily store them away when not in use and will not take up a lot of space when in use.

Conclusion – The 9 Most Popular Business Signs

We hope you enjoyed The 9 Most Popular Business Signs! Don’t miss out on any opportunity to reach your customers. Business Signs have shown to be an integral part of your marketing plan. The expert team at Print Mavericks wants to become your trusted advisors and help you produce high-quality window graphics that advertise your company and benefit your marketing campaign. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about which Business Sign is best for your company. We are in Jupiter, Florida


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