Vehical Wraps in Jupiter, Florida

Vehicle wraps have one upside that is unparalleled by any other outdoor advertising: they can reach more possible customers. Why? Because they’re always moving around. By merely going to wherever you need to, you’re already advertising your business!

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Wraps can be an easy and cost-efficient way to market your company or a specific product you want your community to notice. You can apply them to cars, motorcycles, trucks, and even less “common” vehicles like boats, depending on who you want to reach. The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your imagination - and that of the experts at Print Mavericks.

One thing that sets vehicle wraps apart from other forms of display marketing is how durable they are. All it takes is one single application, and you can spend years advertising with the same wrap. Vehicle wraps are made with long-standing materials to withstand the elements and the natural damage that may come from continuous use on a car or truck.

When you install vehicle wraps, you invest in the design and placement, and then never had to worry about them again. Still, they continue to let others know about your business, whether you’re on the move or parked in a popular area.

Types of Wraps

When creating a marketing strategy for your business, you should be making space for display graphics of all sorts - you never know who you can reach, and how. That’s why having a wide variety of display options is so important: you don’t want to leave out a possible client.

To best fit your needs and budget, we have two different vehicle wrap applications:

  • Full vehicle wraps: As the name suggests, cover the entirety of a vehicle. They causa a more striking effect on possible clients.
  • Partial vehicle wraps:  Also called spot graphics, can cover smaller portions of the vehicle. You can also place them in a specific area you’d like possible customers to notice.

Why Make Vehicle Wraps with Print Mavericks?

For years, we have built excellent graphic solutions for our customers, becoming a reference within our region. Print Maverick's priority is customer satisfaction, and our team of designers and experts will work with you to create the best signage for your needs. Whether you’re looking for vehicle wraps or any other graphic marketing solution, we’re available to cater to you. Contact us to find out more about our mobile marketing solutions and beyond.