What to Know About Car Advertising Statistics

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A little of Car Advertising History

In the past, Vehicle wraps were seen as a peculiar phenomenon. Thanks to the increased affordable and acceptance of this form of advertising, there are now many more vehicles across the country. Successful advertising largely depends on how effectively billboards attract the attention of passersby, and moving billboards achieve that just as well. 

The cheapest type of advertising, as opposed to any other form, is a vehicle wrap that costs less than $44 per million impressions. A small operation can compete with multinational companies for the same amount of money, providing they have a good advertising campaign. The use of car wraps allows small businesses to compete with large companies when it comes to advertising.

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Top Benefits – What to Know About Car Advertising Statistics

One of vehicle wraps‘ top benefits is their remarkable ability to stay with you. For instance, when you’re sitting in traffic and struggling to find something other than your thoughts on an ad – or if the car next door has a wrap advertising, it’s impossible for people not to see them. You must deliberate not to look at the ad to avoid seeing it. The car wrap can work when the vehicle isn’t moving, and the wrap on the car advertises even when it’s not in use.

Not only wrap a good option for companies with a single vehicle, but they have also become increasingly popular on fleet vehicles. A successful strategy for advertising a new product or event is to cover a fleet of cars in signs reading the company slogan. While static ads may be cheaper and more convenient, they can’t compete with a moving display to catch attention. With the low price of advertising, car companies make a huge impact.

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These are a few statistics you need to know about auto advertising

  • When it comes to advertising, mobile billboards – which have a higher ROI than any other type of ad – are much cheaper per thousand impressions.
  • American consumers reported being more sensitive when targeted ads while driving and riding as passengers.
  • In the week following exposure to the advertisement, 29% visited a retail store.
  • In the past week, Americans lived 302 miles from work and spent 186 hours in their vehicles.
  • According to a recent study, ninety-six percent of Americans traveled by car in the last week.
  • In a single year, cars that average 15 thousand miles per year pass by nine million other vehicles.
  • Thirty percent of mobile outdoor viewers rely on ads to influence their buying decisions; as such, many advertisers utilize the power and persistence of outdoor advertising.
  • A vehicle wrap can result in anywhere from 30,000 to 80,000 daily impressions.
  • Name recognition jumps by 15 times when you advertise on your fleet vehicles.
  • The rephrased text is much clearer and fairer to the reader than the original input text, which contains many numbers that are difficult for some readers to follow.
  • The advent of mobile advertising allows marketers to get their message in front of people who aren’t watching television or reading newspapers and magazines.
  • The Federal Highway Administration estimates that personal vehicle usage and household trips will rise rapidly during the coming years.


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