Why Are Wall Murals Important For Your Business?

If you walk into a store or office, chances are pretty high that you’ll see a wall mural or two. From industry to industry, businesses are branding themselves with large, eye-catching murals inside and outside their spaces. Once you start noticing just how common this is, you may begin to wonder what the purpose of these graphics are. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why wall murals are important for your business. In addition, we will discuss what you should think about if you want to have an effective wall mural of your own. 

Increasing Sales

There’s no denying that wall murals, when done right, can attract attention. After all, that’s what they’re designed for. And, intuitively, we can understand that the more customer attention that your business can attract, the higher your sales will be. But this isn’t just an assumption; there are studies that confirm this hypothesis.

One study conducted by the Sign Research Foundation showed that 60 percent of businesses increased their sales by an average of 10 percent upon installing wall murals around their offices. Another study also showed that more than a third of Unites States consumers form impressions about a company based on the office signage, including how clear and attractive it is. 


Visualizing Company Culture

Beyond just your connection with your customers, wall murals can also help improve your connection with your own employees in several ways. First, installing wall murals that reflect and designate your company’s values, goals, and ideology can help raise your staff’s awareness of what their work is contributing toward and what your company is achieving, which can give them a sense of enthusiasm and purpose and improve their workplace engagement and employee satisfaction.

Beyond that, by fore fronting your brand’s principles and values, you can create a sense of community as your employees are encouraged to believe in and express a similar set of beliefs that align with your company’s culture.

Finally, when you have potential new hires come in to interview, they’ll be able to get a sense of your brand and mission from your wall murals, which can help to assure that you only hire candidates who believe in the same goals as you do.


Expressing Your Brand

One more thing that wall murals can do is help you build a strong, cohesive brand. Simple but expressive wall murals can help develop a brand that is easily understood and remembered. Even the process of choosing the right wall murals can help you better understand your brand. It also helps create what impression you want to make on customers. Once you do narrow down the images, text, and colors that will properly represent your brand through a wall mural, you’ll be able to achieve several different outcomes including:

  • Customer recognition and loyalty
  • Standing out from your competitors, giving you a competitive advantage
  • Credibility, trust, and expertise
  • Attracting your ideal customers/clients



Finally, we’d be remiss not to mention the aesthetic value of wall murals. After all, nobody wants to work in an office that has blank, white walls, no decorations, and no personality at all. Can you imagine what that would feel like? There is a reason why we tend to fill our spaces with photos, framed art, and other decorations. Humans naturally seek aesthetic, beautiful, and visually exciting spaces. The Spaces can have the effect of improving our moods, giving us energy, and making us excited to get up and go to work. This is even more relevant if your business is located someplace that isn’t naturally beautiful. If your industrial office is full of concrete and grey walls, it can benefit you to install a wall mural that will bring a sense of life, color, and style to your space.

Considerations for Wall Murals

If you’re convinced that wall murals are a good idea for your business, here are some factors to consider before you order yours.


For each wall mural, you plan, think about who that mural’s audience is. Is it your employees, job candidates, current customers, or potential customers walking by on the street? Knowing the answer to this question will help give you a sense of direction for your mural’s location and design. 


One of the biggest considerations in what your wall mural will look like is its location. The size of the wall, the lighting in the area, the wall’s contours and corners will all impact the design and execution of your mural, so make sure to choose early and wisely. The front lobby, hallways, conference rooms, and employee meeting and working areas are great locations to consider.


Finally, every mural you install must have a clear, specific purpose. Naturally, not each mural’s purpose will be the same, and its audience and location will impact the mural’s goal. The key is that you know why you are investing your time and money into putting up a mural. 

Is your conference room mural meant to motivate your employees? Does your external front wall mural intend to attract passersby to enter your business? Does your lobby mural aim to welcome customers and visitors and project your brand identity? 

Ultimately, the purpose of each mural you create will be up to you, your company, and its unique needs. The important part is that you have a well-considered, thoroughly thought-out idea of what you want to achieve before you begin the design and installation process. 

Examples of Wall Murals

To help you get inspired, here are some examples of successful wall murals at various types of businesses. 


Source: https://www.sketchbookdesign.co.uk/latest-news/murals/radio-co-office-wall-murals

This wall mural created for a start-up office is dynamic, balancing darker shades with bright yellow colors. The sharp angles create a sense of energy, movement, and excitement. At the same time, the text itself encourages employees to buy into the company’s values of creating, reaching, and inspiring. This wall mural is a great way to remind your staff of the company culture and help motivate them to engage with your company’s values.


Source: https://graffiti-artist.net/corporate-offices/los-angeles-office-street-art-mural/

This wall mural located in the office of a Los Angeles references the company’s location by the beach. It does a great job of using color, beach imagery, and the name of a nearby city (Santa Monica) to announce to the world who they are: a sunny, positive, relaxed California company that prides itself on its location and hometown. Visitors to the office will see the wall mural and immediately get a sense of the company’s brand and identity.


Source: https://graffiti-artist.net/business/koi-fish-mural/

Located in a space meant for employees to relax, take a break, and get away a more chaotic work environment. This space uses calming imagery such as koi fish and lotus flowers to create an atmosphere of relaxation. Light and airy, this mural serves as a great way to help employees feel comfortable in their own office. This allows employees to feel rejuvenated and refreshed during their break, keeping them focused for the remainder of the work day

Getting Started with Wall Murals

At Print Mavericks, our goal is to design and create wall murals customized to your business’s needs,  brand, culture, and customers. We offer a variety of mural bases, including canvas, photo paper, vinyl, and window film. All of these options are chosen to meet your specific requirements. 

When you reach out to us for a consultation, our team of graphic designers and printing experts will help customize a wall mural for you. We will ask about your wall size, characteristics, context, and design ideas so we can work together to create the perfect mural for your business. Once it’s done, you can either choose to install the mural yourself or have professionals do it.

To inquire about a wall mural, request a quote from Print Mavericks today!


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