10 Benefits of Using Window Graphics For Your Store

In today’s competitive environment, window graphics are one of the most effective means to differentiate your business from your competitors. In the 2020 State of the Industry report from Signs of the Times magazine, window graphics grew to 87.2% sold in 2020 from 86.5% in 2019; so, this medium is both popular and resilient. Well-produced and colorful window graphics will entice a shopper into your business, create brand awareness, and even send consumers to your social media platform. 

But what type of window graphics are best for your particular business? What benefits will you gain in investing in them? Think of your windows as a giant billboard in which you control the message. Print Mavericks will work with you to create the most effective messaging for your window displays.

1: Raise Your Brand’s Awareness

Potential customers drive or walk by your business every day. Why have a plain window display when you can raise your brand’s awareness? Show your local market and neighborhood what you’re selling and what services you offer through signage. Use a creative window display to reflect your brand’s personality. Even if these consumers don’t stop by that day, you’ll still have made a lasting impression with your signage.

  • It allows you to deliver a clear and concise message
  • Try to include your brand logo or school mascot
  • Use a window graphic to affirm your store’s credibility
  • Motivate your consumer audience to purchase products
  • Generate loyalty and goodwill
  • Build an emotional connection with your potential consumer

window graphic sales

2: Let Customers Know about Sales and Promotions

Throughout the year, your business is constantly running different sales and promotions. What better than a window display to catch a consumer’s eye and invite them to see what’s on sale?

  • Use bright, bold colors and images to attract attention
  • Create a memorable slogan or tag line for the window graphic
  • Launch new campaigns
  • Don’t forget to use tried-and-true messages such as “clearance sale” or “retirement close-out”

3. Want to Save Money on Marketing? Choose Window Displays

Sure, there are many mediums to place your advertising to build your brand. But all of them have a shelf life and cost money. Your windows can display whatever message you desire. It’s already your own space, so why not make use of it? Plus, they can be changed as often as necessary, depending on the season or your latest message. Keep your storefront updated and fresh.

  • Window graphics are a cost-effective and impactful business promotion that offers limitless promotion.
  • Custom window vinyl will easily fit into your budget with its reasonable price
  • Once installed, your signage can stay up as long as you want and allow you to make a profit
  • There are no extra costs, city permits, or hidden fees when you use your display graphics
  • Window graphics can be easily removed whenever you like; meanwhile, markers or paint must be scraped off. 

4: No Time to be Shy! Generate Consumer Curiosity

Effective signage is big, bold, and enticing. Make your message visible on as many windows as possible. If your store is on a street corner or facing a parking lot, don’t miss the opportunity to promote your brand to potential customers. If you’re not using your store windows with window graphics and displays, you’re losing out on potential business. Plus, consumers who walk by might think you’re out of business because the storefront looks empty.

  • Entice potential customers
  • Don’t forget to entice the youngest and oldest among us; create a window message that attracts children and senior citizens
  • Stand out among the other businesses on your block
  • Don’t be inconspicuous

5: See Your Message on Both Sides

Let your window display work both ways: messaging customers on the exterior of your building as well as the interior. Keep in mind that you must put some thought into this type of window graphic. How will the image look on the exterior? How will that same image be seen for occupants on the inside? If you use clean window graphics for your marketing campaign, your audience will be able to see it from both sides. The image will be in reverse inside, but it’s better than looking at a blank backside.

When you use view-through graphics, your interior audience can see outside, while your exterior audience will see a solid graphic while unable to peak through the window. There are so many types of substrates to use. Customize your window graphics and create a buzz. Your windows might be seen as so creative that consumers might get excited and share the images on social media. 

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6: Promote Your Social Media Platforms

There’s nothing today that matches the value and range of social media to broaden your brand. Share your social media accounts on your window graphics to generate more followers or views online.

  • Match your social media platform campaigns with your window graphics
  • Incorporate your website address, social media handles, hashtags, and QR codes into your window graphics
  • Lead your customers through signage to find intriguing messages and videos about your store on Tiktok or YouTube

7: Direct Customers to Your Business Location

If you are doing construction work outside your facade or occupy a multi-store building, you can use custom printed window signage to let customers know where your front door is. Not only does it help customers find your business, but it lets them know that you care. It will increase your foot traffic. As your needs change and work continues on your building, installing new vinyl signs with up-to-date directions is easy. Once the construction is completed, these window signs are easy to remove. Interior window graphics, say at a hotel or business complex, direct visitors to the restrooms, restaurant, or elevators.

Directional signage is essential to entice consumers into your business. A 2012 survey says that 76% of American consumers go to a business for the very time due to its signage. The survey also reports that 68% of respondents purchased a product or service because a sign caught their attention.

8: Provide Customers With a Strong Message

It’s all about the message. If your business is in the midst of construction, you’ll want to ensure that customers can find their way around the premises. Perhaps you want customers to know that you abide by government health and safety laws. Window graphics are an effective means to convey these messages. 

  • Window and door signage alert consumers nationwide to the safety of buildings and shared spaces by placing the WELL Health-Safety seal.
  • Encourage customers to donate goods or make monetary pledges to popular causes.
  • Directional and wayfinding signage helps your customers navigate your building or find their way around.
  • Ensure that your window message doesn’t create any unanticipated challenges.

9: Create Interior Privacy and Reject Harsh Weather

While you want customers to see your message loud and clear, window graphics can also offer security, privacy, and weather resistance. If produced correctly on the proper substrates, your signage will allow you to see outside but protect you from people looking into your offices. 

You can accomplish that mix of privacy great signage with a perforated substrate. This type of vinyl has tiny holes to provide an opaque look but lets you print your logo or brand message with a vivid, rich graphic. Windows with perforated substrate display your message outside; meanwhile, the people inside can see the outside while maintaining their privacy. 

The vinyl substrate will also offer you an added layer of protection against dirt, small rocks, and other outdoor debris. Your signage can also provide weather resistance and fade protection if you have products in the windows. Obtain shade from the bright sun during the day. Once you have no use for your window signage, it can be easily removed without damaging your glass. 

  • Cools your interior from the hot sun
  • Protects glass
  • Rejects sun glare and fading
  • Ensures interior privacy

10. Improve Your Store’s Ambiance with Interesting Art and Design

Finally, use window graphics and signage carefully to promote your business positively. Pay attention to the details. Choose complimentary and contrasting colors. Be careful and look at all of the fonts available for your signage. If you can’t read the message due to a clumsy choice, your customers will not be able to read it either. Discuss how prominent the signage should be according to where its placement. Measure the distance from the sign to the sidewalk or street for the best visibility. 

  • First impressions count. 
  • Invest heavily in your firm’s signage. 
  • Choose something original and creative to stand out from your competitors.  
  • Meet with your design team to develop signage that closely aligns with your brand
  • Ensure that the image you want to produce for a window display is a high-resolution graphic that will print clean and readable.

Don’t miss out on any opportunity to reach your customers. Window graphics have shown to be an integral part of your marketing plan. The expert team at Print Mavericks wants to become your trusted advisors and help you produce high-quality window graphics that advertise your company and benefit your marketing campaign. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about which window graphic is best for your company.

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