Window Graphics for Businesses

Your physical store will be the first time they become aware of your business for many potential customers. That’s why it’s critical to have a storefront that reflects the brand’s personality and anything else you want to convey. Window graphics serve as a great tool to get your message across and show potential customers who you are.

Windows are prime space for you to add details about yourself, the products you sell, or the brand. When you work with Print Mavericks, you get a team of graphic designers entirely focused on getting the best out of window spaces. With us, you’ll get an excellent design in striking colors, helping you get noticed.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about window graphics for businesses!

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Why Should You Get Custom Window Graphics?

Are you thinking of adding new window graphics to your storefront but still aren’t sure whether they’ll benefit your business? Below, you’ll find our seven reasons to get them!

1. Show Your Brand

When you’re starting a new business, it can be challenging to establish a brand. You want something that is uniquely you, providing a visually recognizable experience. The idea is that, down the line, people see specific images or colors and think of you.

Window graphics can help you achieve that.

Make your brand’s style and personality more recognizable by getting it out there. Wherever you have blank spaces is game, particularly a storefront, as it is probably the first thing the community sees in your business. That's what makes storefronts the perfect branding opportunity.

Create visually stunning decals that expose what the company is about and speak to your specific target audience. Whether your business is on business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C), individuals need to see what the deal is with you. What better way than to enchant them with striking visuals?

2. Give Your Storefront a Professional Look

Customers will notice if you a little extra time and money to give store windows a customized treat. Customers will see you’ve made an extra effort to draw their gaze, mainly if you use decals that provide information. On window graphics, you can leave data about:

  • Who you are
  • Website and social media pages
  • Phone number and other ways to contact you
  • Operation hours

By using custom solutions, you’ll go one step beyond everyone else. Not only will you look professional, but you’ll also be unique and ready for business!

3. Create Ambiance

On-brand window graphics can help you set a specific mood for your business. If you’re running a gift shop, you can decorate the windows with beautiful decals set with flowers and other popular gifts, and that goes for every business out there. These graphics create an exciting and cheaper alternative to other ambiance renovations, which can easily send you back thousands of dollars.

Window graphics have one extra ambiance point: they create a more private space. While people inside the store can see outside clearly, gaining natural light in the process, passersby will only see the decals. That can help both workers and visitors feel much more at ease instead of observed.

Through decals, you can bring about the colors and sensations you want people to feel when entering your business.

4. Stay Ahead of the Market

Whether you’re looking to create buzz for a specific seasonal product or promote your online store, window graphics can help you. You can call to action in a variety of ways as often as you’d like, at an excellent price. Instead of spending a ridiculous amount of money on marketing solutions that don’t work, focus on graphics that will always catch the eye.

Craft your windows carefully, adding the information that you most want others to see. Using beautiful imagery as a cross-marketing strategy on your storefront windows will allow you to:

  • Promote sales
  • Show off your social media pages.
  • Complement your current marketing campaign, as seen in other platforms
  • Advertise new products and services

5. Spice It Up with Short-Term Window Graphics

Short-term window graphics are great friends of new and established businesses, as they allow owners to keep the storefront fresh and current. Thanks to this excellent tool, you can spice things up every season or as often as you’d like. That way, you can keep customers on their toes, continually catching their eyes with fun new graphics. Even more interestingly, if you change decals often, customers will feel like rushing to buy is essential!

Some of the “urgent” deals you can advertise:

  • Major Black Friday, Labor Day, or Presidents’ Day sales
  • Surprise flash sales
  • Limited editions, like having Pumpkin Spice desserts during October

Keep customers aware by changing decals often - you can even make it an event by announcing it on social media!

6. Let Everyone Know About Special Sales

If you have out-of-season sales, window decals offer an excellent opportunity to show the world. You can expand here brand-wise, maximizing the effort to create engaging graphic content. Get the best exposure by using window graphics to announces sales and promotions like the ones below:

  • Weekly or monthly discounts
  • What customers can get by joining your membership club
  • Upcoming releases
  • Newest products and services
  • Novelty items only found at your store

7. Take Advantage of All Available Space

Business owners, particularly those with small physical stores, tend to be hyper-aware of space - understandably so. Every square inch of the shop counts to create an oasis that focuses on the brand, products, and services. When it comes to physical space, a lot of factors are essential to make a store work, from its location to where you put the products. Push the envelope further by taking advantage of an extra bit of space: the windows!

There’s an outdated idea among those considering window graphics that adding decals will mean losing natural light. Nothing can be further from the truth. Nowadays, there’s a wide variety of technologies that allow light to enter clearly, without compromising a swift look outside. You can choose frosted or perforated windows to get a significant effect outside while retaining all the benefits inside, plus an extra bit of privacy.

There are even more options if you want to look different, such as using transparent materials, white ink, and more!

Types of Window Graphics

At Print Mavericks, our goal is to offer our customers every available option for their window graphics. We want to create a fully customized experience for each business, befitting each specific case.

Read more about the types of decals we offer below!


The perfect solution for business owners who like to keep customers on their toes, these decals are made to last a short while. They’re ideal for seasonal or passing sales, or specialty products only available for a little bit, and they use repositionable adhesive materials.

When choosing short-term window graphics, we recommend the following product categories:

  • Lower-tac stick formula decals. These are great for short promos because they have a particular window of useful time, where they can either be repositioned or fully moved.
  • Static clings. Instead of using adhesive, clings stick due to static, which makes them very easy to peel-and-place. They’re the most popular solution for temporary decals.


As their name suggests, permanent or long-term decals are made to last for a very long time. Their natural longevity makes them a perfect solution for companies who want their basic information known at all times. These window graphics can quickly become a staple of your storefront!

There are quite a few options for permanent decals, and the two options below are the most popular:

  • High-tac stick formula window decals. Not only are they made to last, but they’re also made to stay precisely where they are, without moving. You can tell us you want these specifically when you order, and they can be perforated window vinyl.
  • Window stickers. A more classic approach, they have an adhesive backing that sticks to the surface.

First Surface

Arguably the most popular on this list, first surface window graphics face outward. They can also go on doors and glass panels and are outside-looking-out solutions. They’re very flexible and more comfortable to install on surfaces, and while they can be transparent, it’s not a mandatory feature.

First surface solutions can be:

  • Placed on materials and spaces that aren’t transparent
  • Images, texts, and other graphics that only face outwards
  • Front-facing graphics printed on the front
  • Placed and removed from the outside
  • Stuck on the backside of the printed image
  • Only facing outward

Second Surface

While facing outside, you place second surface window graphics inside. Because of this, they don't directly face the elements, in turn lasting much longer. They provide great visuals for your storefront, and they’re less likely to fade with time, so an excellent choice for decals you intend to place for a while.

Some of the most critical features of second surface window graphics include:

  • Placed and removed on the inside
  • They can face outward and inward
  • Can only be placed on transparent surfaces
  • The adhesive is on the actual image
  • Require mirror-printed images and graphics

How Window Graphics Pricing Works

As a fully customizable solution, pricing on window graphics will vary depending on requirements. Fixed rates don’t work on this scenario, as we go through each case individually, looking for what best fits the customer’s desires and budget. The variations can be extensive, from just a few dollars to hundreds, depending on size, materials, and all-around time.

Here are the factors we take into account when creating a budget for custom graphics:

  • Materials. With a wide variety of base materials and particular variations for different cases, what you choose can have a high impact on pricing. Some of the most popular choices include frosted graphics, reflective imagery, perforated vinyl, premium vinyl, multi-colored clings, and more.
  • Quantity and size. The size and amount of window graphics you require affect the final price. If you want to cover an entire windowpane, you’ll need more costly solutions like perforated windows. On the other hand, for smaller details, decals or clings can be the best option for you. Either way, you’ll find that pricing can vary depending on the size and type of graphic solutions.
  • Application. Some surfaces will have an extra layer of placement difficult, which can, in turn, affect pricing. Inside graphics like glass conference room walls and partitions will be less pricey than outdoor windows, as the latter will need to be sturdier to withstand the elements. It’s worth noting that you can choose to place window graphics by yourself instead of hiring our team of professionals to do it.
  • Design. As one of the essential parts of custom graphics of any kind, the complexity of the design is a factor in pricing. If you require a lot of graphics specifics, such as multiple colors, high-resolution images, photographs, shading, or etching, you’ll be looking at steeper prices. Alternatively, you can also work with your in-house designer or even create it yourself.

If you’re unsure as to what would work best for your storefront, our team of experts will guide you through the process. Whether you’re looking for a temporary window solution or something that will last a lifetime, creating the right ambiance and branding will be the top priority.

Our Most Popular Window Graphics

We offer a vast array of customized graphic solutions for our customers, to fit all needs and budgets. Some of our most popular window graphics for businesses are:

  • Perforated. These use highly durable and highly flexible vinyl, which allows you to calculate precisely how much visibility you want, from inside or outside. We can cater to highly specific design and privacy requirements. Perforated windows are very affordable and look great on window displays facing out.
  • See-through. While other options may prevent passersby from peeking into the store, see-through graphics will allow them to see everything. They allow you to spice things up in the storefront without taking out visitors’ ability to peek into what’s happening. See-through decals are a popular choice because they maintain the vibrancy of colors and graphics, plus they’re durable and simple to install. They also make for swift removal if you want for more variable solutions.
  • Vinyl. A very versatile material, vinyl graphics aren’t just for windows; they can stick to just about any surface. The colors printed on vinyl are quite striking, and we can cut the material into any shape and size your specific needs require. Finally, they allow you to turn your storefront into an excellent marketing spot without sacrificing your visibility!

The Best Window Graphics for You

Customization isn’t just a buzzword for us: it’s the base of our business. On Print Mavericks, we know the reason behind getting graphics is standing out, so we’re deadly opposed to copy-and-paste solutions. We want your storefront to look different from what anyone in your community has seen. As such, we take great pride in the work of our in-house designers and every other member of our team!

While you worry about providing the best products and services for your community, our job is to make sure your physical store gets noticed. Through bright colors and imagery exponentiating your brand, we’ll promote what you think is best for your business. Using excellent materials and printing solutions, you can count on Print Mavericks to make your storefront windows pop.

By focusing on quality and customization, we create fantastic results for our customers. We believe in the power of eye-catching graphics that make a brand and its products pop. Our team of designers, printing experts, and installers can help you clear any doubts regarding any other graphics solution you may need. We’d love to work with you to give new life to your spaces. Contact us for more information and budgets!